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Premium Business Valuation Services

iBizValue is a specialized consultancy firm that offers expert business valuation services to entrepreneurs and business executives of small to medium sized companies in a diligent and expedient manner.

Our business valuation reports are succinct with the aim of providing market-related information in a simplified way.

Our team comprises of skilled investment banking, corporate finance, fund management and actuarial professionals, who collectively contribute decades of experience to each company valuation opportunity with which we are presented.

Our well-established industry network, together with our strong research and assessment capabilities, allow us to confidently deliver on each of our client mandates.

Our company valuation services operate in all the major business centers across South Africa, including Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban.


The Need for Business Valuation

In any corporate event or business negotiation, a thorough understanding of the true net worth of a business is the most valuable negotiating tool for an entrepreneur.

The requirement for a business valuation tends to arise in events such as asset split transactions, due diligence processes, estate wind ups, statutory taxation reviews or corporate action evaluations.

Each situation requires an independent specialist to conduct a business review and to provide an accurate business valuation report to the business owner or entrepreneur in an effective and timeous manner.

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The Benefits of our Company Valuation Services

Our independent business valuation services provide executives with valuable information on their business interests to assist with their assessment and decision-making processes.

We also provide specialized business valuation services for professions such as legal practitioners, corporate financiers and wealth managers.

Our services are wide reaching and range from single product line business valuations to multi-complex business valuation structures.

Our business valuation services provide our clients with independent information on their business interests for use in negotiating transactions or for keeping track of business performance.


What is business valuation?

Simply stated, business valuation is a process combined with a firm set of procedures that are used to determine what a business is worth.

While this sounds easy enough, getting your business valuation done right is based on a professional approach necessitating a skilled approach, preparation and analytical thought.

Real versus perceived value

Valuation can make or break a business sale as in many cases, sellers attach a value to their company that is based on emotional investment, on dedicated time and years spent on building and growing the business from a fledgling start-up to a profitable enterprise.

Financially unsubstantiated, the valuation process can quickly devolve into a pricing routine that is rooted in personal attachments and other subjective inputs rather than solid data based on marketplace realities.

Actual value

The actual value of your business is simply the amount someone is willing to pay for it in the business-for-sale marketplace. Personal feelings about your company's worth are far less important than sound valuation methodology, accurate documentation, seller financing and other factors that could potentially influence value.

Determing the value of your business

In general terms, the process of determining the price that a business will be sold, or bought for, is referred to as business valuation. In reality, you are attaching an established value on a business, or certain parts of it, in order to successfully dispose of it.

In order to understand the importance of business valuation, it is important to know when it is used or when it is needed. Usually, the subject of business valuation becomes more rampant in conjunction with a possible takeover offer or any other form of business combination, whether it’s a merger, straight acquisition or consolidation. Businesses also tend to focus on valuation methods when they seek financing for a major project or venture.

Other aspects of importance are for business assurance purposes, to facilitate determined value in buy and sell agreements and agreed share buy-back price levels.