The Benefit

Business evaluation

Our independent business valuation services go beyond the common accounts-based views of valuation that often result in the over or under-valuation of a business.

Our methodical and robust business valuation process enables you to enter any situation involving your business interests with the assurance that you have the resources on hand to articulate your position.

Fund raising

Financiers are not looking to buy into the best possible outcome, but need to know what they are buying into, what they can expect in return, and how much variability should be anticipated.

Presenting an independent, objective and market-related view of the value of a business is a key negotiating tool for your financing discussions.

Business protection and succession planning

Ensuring the continuity of your business comes at a cost and that cost is linked to the value of your business. Business cover, buy and sell back arrangements and other forms of business continuity protection tend to move in line with the performance and established business valuation of your company interests.

Many businesses will have some form of business protection in place, either in the form of profit protection or key person cover. This is important for both business owners and partners.

However, if the value of the business and its value-generating constituents are not monitored on an ongoing basis, the business may find itself underinsured and see its claims rejected.

If the business is a key part of an individual’s income planning or retirement funding provision, the knock-on impacts can be very severe for both the owner and the owner’s beneficiaries. Maintaining a careful watch on the business valuation can be crucial in ensuring ongoing business protection and succession planning.

Partnership deals and the open market

Maintaining a clear, objective and independent view of the value of your business ensures that, regardless of the lifecycle stage, the underlying value is well understood. When it comes to negotiating partnership agreements, mergers and acquisitions, you will be starting from a position of strength.

Performance indicators

Growing your enterprise is a dynamic and evolutionary process, requiring constant engagement, management and supervision. Having an objective and credible third party to assess the financial value of your business, serves as a critical health check to ensure that your business is on track with its forecasted projections and remains resilient against subjective and unrealistic estimates.