Commercial and Family Law / Litigation

Legal actions, contracts and protection agreements all require some view of a business’ value. A credible business valuation report is an invaluable source of information available for use by legal professionals in these instances and can be a key resource in many forms of litigation.

Estate assets are subject to various regulatory tax events. Through effective estate planning, these events can be anticipated and proactively managed to ensure that the value of your estate is not unnecessarily eroded.

Building a business can be a lifelong endeavour and should be one of the best assets left to your beneficiaries. However, lacking an estate plan or failing to consider all of the relevant aspects of family law could result in the value of your business being eroded by taxes and other deductions. In the worst case, your business may be a burden as a result of a poorly conceived estate plan.

Divorces, sequestrations and liquidations are possibly some of the most charged and unfortunate events that can occur during the life of a business. In these instances of family law, an independent and impartial business valuation can provide an invaluable tool in agreeing terms and settlement amounts.