The Need

In any corporate event or business negotiation, insight into the true net worth of the business under review is the most valuable negotiating tool for any transacting owner or entrepreneur.

The requirement for a business valuation tends to arise in events, such as in asset split transactions, due diligence processes, estate wind ups, statutory taxation reviews or corporate action evaluations. Due to the sensitivity and time required to perform a diligent business valuation, the need for an independent specialist to provide the requisite valuation assessment to the business owner or entrepreneur is essential.

Having a robust and defensible view of a business’ true value is an invaluable tool in almost all situations. Knowing what drives the value of a business, which levers to pull in order to optimise value generation and how best to position a business in any sort of corporate event, can mean the difference between average and great.

Business valuation analysis is not only applicable for corporate action events. In a capital constrained, margin compressed and competitive market, maximising business value generation and meeting all of a company’s performance objectives is critical.

Our valuation approach is designed to identify and expose the core areas of value generation, as well as those that may need some special attention. Bringing an independent, expert view of a business to the management table can add valuable focus and direction during any strategic decision-making process.

Our focus is to provide succinct business valuation reports, with the most crucial information, in an efficient and defensible manner. We treat all of our mandates with the utmost integrity. Ensuring that our clients achieve their objectives is of paramount importance throughout our engagement process.